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    About the Sprout

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    Beansprout is a non-binary artist with a collection of creative skills.
    'E strives to make art for people of all genders while being environmentally conscious.


    Being non-binary, Beansprout understands the importance of inclusion and actively uses language that applies to all genders, as well as offering non-binary options in gendered products. Everyone is welcome here.

    Environmental Goals

    Beans strives to be as eco-friendly as possible. 'E makes sure to select products that are made with renewable energy and materials when they are available. Shop items will list details about their contributions.

    Further Reading: Eco Efforts

    Fair Labor

    Beans makes sure to partner with companies that vow to pay their workers fairly and provide safe work environments whenever they are available. Beans is also trying to do better about giving themself breaks and accommodations.

    Original Designs

    Designs come straight from mind to stylus at Sproutdone. No tracing or AI is used in the drawing process, and inspiration is never copied or stolen.


    For stickers and stencils, they work at home with their Cricut machine to save on resources and have that homey feel. Having the business and print-on-demand aspects be online aids with Beansprout's disabilities and makes a work life more accessible.

    Staff of Legend



    Nick is our marketer and source of hype.
    "I just like to help spread the word."



    Nathan helps mail out packages and supports Beans at home.
    "Shelter provider. Sorry I'm an Ohioer."

    FAQ Answered by Beans

    Do you sell on Etsy?

    Yes, I do. But Etsy has high fees, so I have to increase my prices there. I also do not offer all of my products there. Your best shopping experience will be here on my website.

    Do you have a Twitter?

    Yes, I have a Twitter account, but it is inactive. Twitter has become a very toxic and unpredictable space, and I prefer to post my frequent updates on Bluesky instead.

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    In-Person Event Calendar

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    July 2024

    30123456) Manic Pixie Dream Market | 11am-5pm | Lakewood
    78910) Cle Market | 4pm-8pm | Berea111213
    14151617181920) Stars & Stripes | 9am-2pm | North Ridgeville
    21222324252627) Christmas in July | 9am-2pm | Strongsville

    August 2024

    45678910) August Craft & Vendor Show | 9am-2pm | Avon
    1112131415) Cle Market | 4pm-8pm | Avon Lake1617

    September 2024

    891011121314) Fall into Autumn | 9am-2pm | Strongsville

    Eco Efforts

    Paper Packaging?

    When starting this business, Beans had to ask how best to minimize their environmental footprint.

    After many deep dives, 'e has decided to prioritize recycling over other forms of the end-of-life stage. While not everyone can compost at home or drive to a facility, the majority of Americans have access to curbside recycling. This means that with our current infrastructure, more consumers are likely to reduce packaging waste through recycling. Plastic is a no-go due to its low rate of actually being recycled and its harm to the environment. For these reasons, Beans has chosen to use recyclable paper packaging as the base for all goods shipped from home.


    There's no need to hide supplies like trade secrets. Being transparent gives everyone a chance to be more conscious about their environmental impact. Want to know more or use these resources yourself? My eco-friendly products and packaging are listed below.

    Planet-Friendly Products

    Cotton Paper - Prints

    • 100% recovered cotton

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: Red River Paper

    Recycled Sticker Paper - Sticker Sheets

    • 100% recycled

    • 100% post-consumer waste

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable stickers

    Source: OnlineLabels

    *Help us raise money to upgrade to EcoEnclose's zero-waste sticker paper when you shop or tip.

    Steel Pins - Buttons

    • 100% recycled paper center

    • 100% post-consumer waste paper center

    • Plastic-free metal frame

    Source: American Button Machines

    Organic Cotton Shirts - Tees

    • 100% organic cotton

    • Plastic-free

    • Uses 7x less water than the industry average

    • Dye water is recycled

    • Very little waste

    Source: Bella Canvas

    Power Up γ‚²γƒƒγƒˆ!

    Feel reassured when you see this seal.

    Protective Packing

    Tissue Paper - Button Pins

    • 100% recycled

    • 20% post-consumer waste

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: EcoEnclose

    Glassine Bags - Prints

    • FSC-certified renewable

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: EcoEnclose

    Shipping Styles

    Brown Bag Envelope - Stickers,
    Sticker Sheets

    • 100% recycled

    • 20% post-consumer waste

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: ClearBags

    Padded Mailer - Button Pins

    Cut in half and sealed with water-based tape.

    • 100% recycled

    • 20% post-consumer waste

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: EcoEnclose

    Rigid Mailer - Small Prints

    • 100% recycled

    • 90% post-consumer waste

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: EcoEnclose

    Tube - Large Prints

    • Source offers recycled packaging

    • Paper tube is recyclable

    Source: The Boxery

    *Looking for alternatives. Suggestions welcome.

    Booth Bags

    Small Paper Bags

    • 100% recycled

    • 95% post-consumer waste

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: EcoEnclose

    Large Paper Bags

    • FSC-certified renewable/recycled mix

    • Plastic-free

    • Curbside recyclable

    Source: BSK Packaging